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At the end of your conversation with whomever you are speaking with, ask the Entertainer/// who they would hire to do a personal event for themselves.

If they have no problem giving other quality entertainers and disc jockey's names, Then you probably have a good, dependable Disc Jockey and director, who has the confidence you will not search out who they trust for their event.

It takes a lot for a Disc Jockey to speak of another disc jockey, unless they do deliver the quality, experience, high outlook if not greater, as the one you are interviewing. A career professional will NEVER put out another’s light to make their own burn brighter...Avoid those who do.

Important  Questions To ask When searching & interviewing for Quality Disc Jockey Entertainment

 Are you aware of the difference between a DJ and a career Disc Jockey/M.C. Event Coordinator? A 's answer is YES!

 When personally speaking with a true Disc Jockey on the phone, their phone etiquette should be friendly, engaging,      

          respectful, and informative. Did you experience this with other companies? You will when A 's answers your call…so YES!

You should not be spoken to in a passive aggressive behavior, or as if the amateur was doing you a favor.

We (as Disc Jockeys), did not come and find you, you did us that favor. A PartyWithPete appreciates every bit of your time spent on the phone and in person, sharing your dreams and ideas.

If the Disc Jockey or whomever you are hiring were to get married, who would they hire for their wedding as a Top Quality  

   Service provider?  I.e. Photography, Video, Florists, Hair Stylists, entertainment, Caterers, Locations. A's entertainer do our very best to help and assist you build your perfect wedding team

 How far in advance do you book your dates? A well respected Disc Jockey, based on his experience and reputation will reserve dates up to 2 year’s in advance,. All depending on what markets they target. Success is a journey with every client. Booking this far in advance, mean he delivers a quality service and or product at a reasonable commensurate rate. I am reserved anywhere from 1 1/2 - 2 years now. I used to be reserved almost 3 years at times.

May I come see you in action? This answer should be no, Never allow your employees to invite potential clients to your event. It is a private function! You wouldn’t want an inappropriately dressed or uninvited stranger/visitor, the entertainer invited standing in the back of your event would you? or taste testing? It so tacky and has happened. This is why it should not be allowed at your event. It is not our event to invite anyone.

Maybe you can see their references & visit them on the web?

How many weddings & receptions have you personally hosted?  almost 800 at this point in my career at a PartyWithPete...Hire only those who have no less than 200 or more in any category...Weddings, receptions & Anniversaries, corporate events, ethnic celebrations...Experience outweighs it all. Your event should never be used as practice.

Other events such as corporate and young adult parties are good, helpful experience, but weddings truly are, so much more different and bigger.

You wouldn’t want a kid specialist entertaining a wedding, or a corporate entertainer entertaining for kids. All are differently approached events and require different skills. Hire someone well rounded in all areas to help trouble shoot if a situation should arise.

Do you answer your phones up to 7:00 pm to accommodate my work, college and home life schedule? A 's answer is YES!

Will you supply references of your most current Weddings? I want to see Quality consistency. A 's answer is YES!

Will you supply a commercial sound system comparable to my venue and the amount of my attendants? A 's answer is YES!

Do you personally own your own music library & commercial grade equipment, Not a brand you can purchase at the brand name electronic stores or super markets  A 's answer is YES. We personally own out TopHitsUsa music & commercial grade Cerwin Vega Concert sound support, Yamaha sound support & QSC amplifiers, tools/equipment!

.... or does the DJ farm or agent company supply it for you? Beware of such companies...The usually dont use personal names on thier contracts, so there is no accountability. There is a really big possibility to be bated and so frequently it happens. just google the company locally and research for yourself....most times companies like the ways i mentioned,  just Don’t use the best or commercial grade Disc jockey tools/equipment.  Their equipment is really tattered. Nothing you want in a dance floor photo for sure. Home component equipment is not built for transportation on a frequent basis. it is designed to stay in one place...your home.

Is your equipment appearance clean, in a console with No exposed wires hanging over the front or sides of the table?  Well, there might be a possibility for a tripping hazard from speaker and/or light cables? A’s answer is yes. We have a very clean appearance, with no tacky signs or banners. No matter how great the moment is being created, the attention will never be lost from your photo. It will never be distracted by a company name plastered across the Disc Jockey station/ table. Make sure a member of your wedding party removes it before you enter the room for your grand entrance.

Do you use a “tacky billboards” for advertisement? The answer needs to be no, here.

 You will never forget who they are, because is will be prominently displayed all your special dance floor moment photos?

Do you carry back up equipment in case of an urgent situation? I.e. Spare hard drives & Amplifiers. A 's answer is YES!

Will you take and play mine and my guest’s musical requests that are within reason? A 's answer is YES! Always…within reason.

Do you subscribe consistently, to a radio edit, music service over the last 3 years or longer? A 's answer is YES! Since 1995. And beyond when I was a turntableist.

Do you supply all the latest & greatest styles of music my guests & age group listen to? A 's answer is YES! Music and tunes from all over the US. Over the last 90 years.  We also have, some African, Albanian, Arabic, Cajun, Zydeco, Calypso, French, Greek, Hawaiian, Indian, Irish Jigs, Isrealie, Japanese, Jewish, Latin Mexican, Louisiana bounce, Pan Pipes, Reggae, Russian, Scottish

     I.e. Alternative rock, EDM, Country, Rap, R&B, Hip hop, Swing Oldies, OId school, Retro, Techno, Trance, House,  Dance. A 's answer is YES!

Do you dress in proper attire to accommodate the mood or theme of my event? I.e Full Tux, nice full suit, not just a shirt & tie. A 's answer is YES!

Do you offer up to a 10 day no obligation, NO Pressure Hold on my event date? A 's answer is YES!

Are you, Crowd interactive & Pro active?  Do you offer Event direction and or Coordination, Games, Line & couples dance instruction or trivia? Just in case I would like that style of entertainment for my event.  A 's answer is YES!

Will you come to meet us at a location of my convenience to discuss my wedding details with No Obligation?         ***After all it is an interview. Your employer didn’t come to you did they? A 's answer is YES!

Will your full real name “not nickname” appear the contract your sending me? I like what you have to offer and I want to know I will be dealing with you my entire planning process. A 's answer is YES!

Do you Travel out of state? A 's answer is YES!

Do you offer a 1/2 down service retainer? A 's answer is YES!

With Pete CormICan  The Answer Is YES!!!

I can do anything, it’s in his name. Please have a pen and paper ready to take notes. I will be glad you called, you will be excited to meet, after we spoke on the phone.

Visit Or call 972-904- DISC 3472 check out this link. If this is not you, This will be perfect...

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