Dec 10, 2014

Helpful, passionate tips and trick of hiring A great career Disc Jockey, by experience, like you were for your career occupation.

by Career Disc Jockey Entertainment Event Director Emcee Musical Host Pete Cormican

At the end of your conversation with whomever you are speaking with, ask the Entertainer/// who they would hire to do a personal event for themselves.

If they have no problem giving other quality entertainers and disc jockey's names, Then you probably have a good, depen...

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Jan 06, 2017

DFW Think Tank Meeting of 2015 Pt 1

by Party With Pete, Pete Cormican, DJ Pistol Pete, Cormican

Welcome to the DFW DJS THINK TANK Meet up.

Becoming better and leaving behind tha bagging and degrading of other real professionals in a respectable industry.


Self worth, discipline, dedication, Progress not perfection, a great plan is not anything, without experien...

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Jan 07, 2017

Be better than the trash, that dogs their own industry Peeps & peers for a dollar. Becoming an awesome Disc Jockey in Dallas. Party With Pete DJ

by DJ Pistol Pete Cormican, Party With Pete, Pete Cormican,

Welcome to the DFW DJS THINK TANK Meet up.


When you graduate college, the security blanket is no longer there and it is time to use what you struggled so hard to learn. It is a safe cocoon to hide in college or whatever you are striving to figure what, you ...

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