You have found the one you’ve searched for all your life.

With Love & trust, you’re ready to start your journey through life together as one.

(What you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.)

If it were not so, you would truly not be here today.


As a successful, extremely experienced, accomplished entertainer & director for all types of Weddings and receptions;  It is a privilege  to be recommended by other industry leaders such as…photographers, decorators, facilities, agents,  planners,  entertainers and most importantly, other quality disc jockey’s,

it is a great honor to be trusted with your future plans and ideas, invited  and hired to deliver such memorable experiences because of my decades of experience and the referrals you received from other employed vendors.

Next to my child, being involved with a part of something bigger, has fallen into one of the favorite loves of my life.

With the driving passion to delivering excitement, happiness and creating those special moments photographers capture, in a handcrafted experience no other Disc Jockey can or will deliver for your event, I look forward to working for you.. Guaranteed!

Call me and see for yourself. I will guide you, direct, plan and deliver a wonderful time from your entertainment experience. Your event is planned around you and your husband, for the biggest social event and most important day of your life….the day of your wedding..

That is how is should be from the moment you call & hire all vendors, until you walk in the door to start your union celebration at your wedding and reception.

From the moment you walk through the aisles of happiness, from the conclusion of the event, past your guests, co-workers, friends and family, to your horse drawn carriage / chauffeured limousine, continuing your experience & happiness headed for your honeymoon, 4 – 5 hours later; Your attendants walk away with memories of the great times they had. All thanks to your intelligent choice of hiring Pete from his experience (which outweighs everything).




We get weddings and receptions, and understand it all.  

We see your vision through your eyes and throughout the event.

The focus remains on YOU at a PartyWithPete…We guarantee it.  


Magnificent photos are only created when the entertainment is experienced. The photographer captures, what the entertainment is responsible for creating. There is no room for practice or rehearsal on your wedding day..which happens to be one of the MOST IMPORTANT social events of your life. 

We at a create an atmosphere from YOUR ideas and plans, what you envisioned for YOUR guests, not only to feel welcomed by your musical host; they also gain a sense of belonging and being a part of something so much  incredibly bigger..

 Your guests come from far and near to put their life on hold. They do you a favor to set aside their precious friends, and family weekend bonding time, for you. 

Let's thank and reward everyone for coming together, to celebrate one of the most memorable moments in your life only a seasoned entertainer deliver and guarantee.

As a perfect start to your life together as one, allow us to help show you foolproof ways to... WEDDING & RECEPTION HAPPINESS, without any obligation or any pressure to hire.  Hire a PartyWithPete on your team, and make your event a guaranteed, fantastic time of your life!

 972.904.3472 Always a PartyWithPete and here to help!

When you have found lips that you've kissed, that would make you not want any other lips to kiss but those, then your search is over. Pete Cormican.

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.
Benjamin Franklin

Entertaining since 1984. Approaching 800 Personally, musically hosted, directed and entertained Weddings since 1988
It's difficult to get a sense of ones personality from screen of text alone. Call, and let's see if we click during our interview.
Thank you for getting this far.

First and foremost, we at PartyWithPete DO NOT pay out kickbacks - nor do we condone clients of facilities to be penalized/pay to bring in preferred entertainment. We are not a food needing approval with Health services. Just ask if they receive commission from the referrals, or if you are forced to hire their people the facilities recommends. If you have to go with whom they refer, then ask them what is their mark up? You have the right to know what you are buying into.. It could be worth the additional fee to bring in what you would prefer vs that you are forced to go with. Tell people what you want them to do with your paycheck to them. Never allow vendors to tell you what your going to have to do.

The day is about you,
All vendors you hire, including but not limited to....facilities that make you feel like, nor any vendor for that matter,  make you feel as if they are doing you a favor. Remember, you did the vendors a favor by searching out and finding them. They didn't hire and for the most part did not find you (usually).
We are all on budgets. Just budget accordingly to what it will take to bring in a qualified vendor to do your job successfully.
Especially someone who want to work with.
Never allow someone else’s concept of what you should spend on another’s occupation, especially since they have never done the job as a career.
You should be looked upon spoken to and always viewed as the boss, always!
That is how you should be treated, until the last song is played and you step off the property.
If you are speaking with a vendor, and they speak ill of another in the same business line, then beware of the one who is speaking.  
If a vendor is putting out someone else’s light to make theirs burn brighter, take your money and run the other way.

It's always a PartyWithPete!

Looking forward to our conversation.

Weddings, & corporate grand openings Balloon Release Information. Need to know if or when you are planning a balloon release at your next event. PartyWithPete 972.904.3472
As many of you know, during the day I do,and teach folks about organic gardening and tree care, in between entertaining corporate daytime events. At night is when the real magic happens. As a party motivating guide, Entertainment coordination, event planner & director who also happends to be an MC, as a career disc jockey for private and public affairs. I found this to be an interesting article about balloon releases. Enjoy. Pete.